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"The six - seven years of studying classical literature report to the mind is the dignity, such grace, power and beauty which not reach by any other means" - Anatole France. Indeed, the classic just created to enrich the human soul. As a rule, classical works based on historical events. So you do not just enjoy the novel, but also improve your knowledge of history. At the core of the conflict has always put a reasonable and unreasonable, where the mind eventually wins. There are two opposite character, and their attitude towards life in general does not change throughout the product. In the classic literary work raises the age-old theme of good and evil, love and betrayal, the meaning of the universe. These themes do not lose their relevance over time. Therefore, it does not matter in what century was written the novel, it is relevant at all times. The classic book shows a man all the beauty of the universe and mob human vices. These books are easy to learn to live a righteous life. If you follow the advice of the authors, the classics, then you will avoid serious missteps in life, for which in the future will have to pay.

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